ENERCARE Hero of the Game – Carla Oreskovich



Carla Oreskovich
Sunday November 5, 2017

On Tuesday, February 24, 2015, at approximately 4:28 a.m., a 911 call was received by ambulance communication officer Carla Oreskovich. A male on the line advised that his wife was pregnant and her water had just broken.  Carla begins to gather the address and phone number of the caller, and paramedics are dispatched. She continues speaking to the male, gathering information. Approximately one minute into the call, Carla asks if Dad can see any part of the baby to which he responds that he can see the baby’s head.

Carla continues providing instructions, including advising Dad to gather some clean towels, and telling mom to breathe through the contractions. She also notices Dad’s breathing increasing rapidly and reassures him that HE needs to breathe as well and that he is doing a great job. She continues to coach him through the baby’s birth, providing instruction every step of the way.  Five minutes after the call is received, the first cry can be heard, and the baby joins her new family.

Carla has been a Communications Operator for 16 years and today she is being recognized for her outstanding work in assisting to bring a baby girl into the world, as well as her professionalism and calm displayed during this call, and her ability to keep a very emotional father focused throughout the call.

Please join Enercare and the Timmins Rock as we thank Carla for her years of dedication and the care taken to ensure a smooth delivery