Rock Golf 2019

It’s a tournament like this one that signals the end of the off season and the beginning of a new season for our Timmins Rock.

by alain.quevillon

This year the team was fortunate enough to bring some even bigger names to their annual golf tournament. Shayne Corson, Darcy Tucker, and George Laraque were this year’s celebrity guests … the second year in attendance for Corson.  It didn’t matter where you went around the golf course, you always heard “did you go to Corson’s tent yet?”  Or “dude you have to go to Corson’s hole, the guy’s a beauty.”

“People are so friendly here, like this is a small town and all, but man everyone is so fun” – said Corson.

Darcy Tucker was also in attendance and it could have been because his brother-in-law, Corson, dragged him out here. Last year, Corson swore he would bring his brother-in-law to the tournament if he were to come back, and he held his word. Tucker arrived at the course at the same time as Corson and people were already lined up to shake the man’s hands. Tucker was placed under one of the big prize tents, so he ran into a lot of people, there was a lot of laughter and even some friendly competitions with him and other golfers.

“I said Tucker, I bet you 20$ that I can hit the ball further than you, and then he smacked the ball almost 8 feet to the pin, and then I lost my 20$” said one of the golfers.

George Laraque dealt with flight delays and showed up later in the afternoon happy to be there. Golfers were amazed with how Laraque was in such good shape.  He spent the afternoon telling jokes and stories and later complimented the tournament, the town and the team.

With another successful tournament in the books, who would you like to see come to Timmins next year?  With the amount of buzz this tournament creates around the city, it might not be that much longer before the Rock starts making plans for next summer. For now, another hockey season is upon us. The Timmins Rock will kick off their training camp this weekend and then will head to Kirkland Lake on Wednesday for some pre-season action against the Gold-Miners.   They take on the Pelham Panthers on August 28th before they open up their season at home against the French River Rapids on September 6.

Fourth Annual Timmins Rock NHL Celebrity Golf Tournament

Former NHL star Shayne Corson autographs a photo for a fan during the third-annual Timmins Rock NHL Celebrity Golf Tournament at the Hollinger Golf Club on Aug. 18, 2018. The Rock have announced Corson will be one of the guests at the fourth-annual Timmins Rock NHL Celebrity Golf Tournament at the Spruce Needles Golf Club on Thursday, Aug. 18. Also in attendance will be former NHL stars Darcy Tucker and Georges Laraque. THOMAS PERRY/THE DAILY PRESS JPG, TD


Thomas Perry
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The Timmins Rock have assembled a forward line that would leave even the most-feared NHL tough guy trembling in his skates.

Darcy Tucker, Shayne Corson and Georges Laraque — who will be the guests of honour at the fourth-annual Timmins Rock NHL Celebrity Golf Tournament at Spruce Needles Golf Club on Thursday, Aug. 15 — combined for 4,893 minutes in the penalties in their careers.

And given the high percentage of Toronto Maple Leafs and Montreal Canadiens supporters in Timmins, Rock president Ted Gooch figured the trio would be the ideal candidates to mingle with local fans on the golf course ...  READ FULL STORY