Jerseys attract big bids

The Timmins Golden Bears jerseys worn by the Rock during their game against the Powassan Voodoos on Saturday are generating a great deal of interest in this week’s online auction. The No. 2 jersey of defenceman Will Cason — shown here getting low to make a play against the Voodoos — and Yi (Frank) Zhong’s No. 6 are currently the most popular among bidders, with each sitting at $225. Bidding for the autographed, game-worn jerseys will continue until noon on Saturday. THOMAS PERRY/THE DAILY PRESS

By Thomas Perry, The Daily Press (Timmins)

TIMMINS – Who is the most popular member of the Timmins Rock?

Based upon the online bidding for the autographed, game-worn Timmins Golden Bears jerseys the team used during its home game against the Powassan Voodoos on Saturday, the answer to that question — for the time being — appears to be Will Caston and Jun Yi (Frank) Zhong.

The top bid for both Caston’s No. 2 and Zhong’s No. 6 jerseys sat at $225 as of noon on Thursday.

With bidding scheduled to end at noon on Saturday, there is still plenty of time for that to change, of course.

Fellow defenceman Grant McClellan’s No. 24 and goalie Eric Jackson’s No. 1 jerseys, each with a top bid of $220, are not far behind.

Ranked in order of highest bid, following are the other Golden Bears jerseys in the auction: Wayne Mathieu’s No. 11, $180; Jordan Picard’s No. 14, $150; Shawn Sloan’s No. 22, $150; Eric Paquette’s No. 19, $150; Tyler Gilberds’ No. 15, $145; Jared Hester’s No. 3, $136; Derek Seguin’s No. 91, $135; Tyler Masternak’s No. 35, $125; Evan Kentish-Stack’s No. 10, $125; Wesley Weir’s No. 77, $115; Riley Robitaille’s No. 8, $110; Stewart Parnell’s No. 25, $100; C.J. Bradburn’s No. 21, $100; Linden Spencer’s No. 9, $100; A.J. Campbell’s No. 23, $100; Paul Spadafora’s No. 18, $95; Jace Soroko’s No. 12, $95 and Seth Reuben’s No. 27, $90.

Fans can place bids up until noon Saturday by visiting the Rock website ( and following the link to, where they will have to register before placing a bid.